Top Law Firms In New York City - New York Workers Compensation Lawsuits

Top Law Firms In New York City -  New York Workers Compensation Lawsuits

Top Law Firms In New York City -  New York Workers Compensation Lawsuits

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 4 million workers received injuries on the job during 2005 and 5,700 workers lose their lives from work-related accidents and injuries.

New York City's (NYC) no-fault worker's compensation program provides for financial protection to workers who get hurt on the job and also, provides the appropriate medical attention.

New York State laws require employers to buy insurance that will provide compensation benefits to their employees in case of an injury on the job. This insurance covers required medical care expenses and recovers lost wages. It provides medical treatment facilities but, if you are about to file an injury claim, then the process can be quite tedious. Most injury cases are handled by a third party insurer (that excludes the State) that will try its best to devoid you of the injury claim.

If your injury claim is denied, reduced or terminated, then you are allowed to have a hearing before a law judge. The other side will also hire a strong defense attorney to try their best to make your injury claim amount void and if you are faced with a similar situation, then you must get in touch with your worker's compensation lawyer to help you get justice and compensation from the negligent party involved.

Workers' injury compensation claim covers several injuries, which include carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, stress-related problems, mental health issues, heart attacks, illnesses or strokes that could have resulted from inferior safety and health facilities at your workplace. It can include post-traumatic stress disorders and other injuries that the victim has suffered on the job.

If you are employed by a covered NY employer then you can avail the benefits of workers' compensation and it should be your top priority to ensure the safety of the employees; your employer should provide its employer with adequate medical aid and attention in case of an accident at the workplace. You would be eligible for workers' compensation irrespective of the fact if you work full-time, part-time, temporary or are working as any other undocumented worker.

If you have ever been a victim of personal injury due to negligence of your employer within New York City, then you can consult a New York workers compensation law firm. Your worker's compensation attorneys will help you receive workers' compensation benefits like Social Security Disability, Supplemental Short-Term Disability, Long-term Disability, New York State and New York City Retirement Disability and other programs.

Most of the worker's compensation lawyers work on a contingency basis. Therefore, you don't have to spend anything before contacting a worker's compensation law firm in New York City (NYC).

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